Who We Serve

Our Customers

We are committed to delivering advanced systems, technologies, and products to the Rest of the World Market. We assist international public safety professionals and armed forces to resolve both current and emerging tactical-level capability gaps by providing solutions that are tailored to fit the challenges faced in today’s evolving operations worldwide.

Our customers:

  • Defense and Military in South America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Afria, and Europe
  • Federal Law Enforcement within those countries
  • Transportation Hubs – Airports, Train Stations, Cruise Terminals 
  • Public Venues – Stadiums , Convention Centers, Courthouses 

Our clients

We bring mature and emerging technologies to meet the identified requirements to market. Our unique ability to serve as a bridge between our technology partners and  the Users has created many creative solutions for the rapidly changing challenges faced in the full spectrum of military and law enforcement operations.


Manufacturing Capabilities

With over 34 years of experience and close working relationships with U.S. Government customers, OEMs, system integrators, and technology developers, Mistral Inc. is an expert in providing ready, relevant, and reliable solutions to military and law enforcement agencies. We have decades of combined experience across the defense, aviation, marine, automotive, petrochemical, and specialty chemical industries. We offer complex manufacturing, assembly and testing services.

Mistral operates a 46,000+ square foot ATF secured production facility in Baltimore County, MD. Mistral provides research and development, integration, and production solutions. Our Baltimore Facility is a one stop shop for R&D, program management, manufacturing, and sourcing activities.

Includes in house fabrication, assembly, integration, finishing and kitting capabilities; robust supply chain network for machining, electrical, plastics, castings, forgings, coating, painting, and nondestructive testing capabilities.

Mistral’s state of the art facility allows Mistral to participate in major U.S. Government programs, including the Department of Defense, Department of State, and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms.

Mistral Group is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek.

Why Choose Mistral?

  • U.S. based manufacturing
  • Over 34 years of industry experience
  • Strategic I-95 location
  • Prototype to production capabilities
  • Robust network of partners and vendors

Product Exposure

Mistral approaches the market in several ways with both our products as well as yours. Each method for introducing and promoting a new technology varies depending on its classification, use, technical readiness level, and target audience. Mistral brings new technologies to meet the customer in various ways:

  • Trade Shows
  • Product Demos
  • One-on-One Customer Engagement 
  • Advertisements and Marketing Campaigns
  • Coordinating Testing & Evaluation (T&E)

Research and Development (R&D)

Our deep understanding of our customers’ requirements paired with our in-house R&D Staff makes us the perfect partner to advance technology whether it be internally funded or using any of the resources listed below:

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA)
  • Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD)
  • Broad Agency Announcements (BAA)
  • Government Funded R&D Programs
  • Private R&D Agreements
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Program Management

Our Team has over 30 years of experience managing projects within the North American Public Safety and Defense industries. As the prime vendor for large Government contracts, we work closely with Government Agencies, Sub-Contractors and OEM’s to ensure a timely completion held to the highest quality standards.

Product Sales

In addition to marketing and business development, using our years of experience we work with you from product exposure to contract award and follow-on sales. Our sales team actively introduces your products to the North American markets and ensures that your business continues to grow after the initial product exposure process.

We work with you to make the necessary modifications to your technology to best fit the North American consumer. By working with us you will gain direct consumer feedback for your technology to be best implemented into the target audiences mission requirement.

Field Support Representative Services

In addition to quality products our team strives to give the best customer service to include field support as well as 24/7 remote support and troubleshooting. Our in-house technicians have experience working with almost all types of technologies and take pride in providing high quality and timely service.

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