C4ISR Sensors

We offer truly unique solutions for today’s communication challenges, from receiving streaming high-definition video to a lack of interoperability. The product line offers advanced technologies for significantly enhancing mission effectiveness.

Mistral’s Command View 360 (CV360) family of systems provides 360-degree Situational Awareness (SA) that enables persistent real-time awareness of the surroundings of the platform by its crew and supports better coordination between crewmen. The CV360 family of systems employs an open, modular, and hardware-agnostic design. The family of systems is affordable, easy to use and maintain, modify, and upgrade. Mistral’s modular system architecture enables seamless upgrades of Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) line replaceable units (LRUs) that evolve quickly over time with minimal cost and maximal efficiency.


The CV360 system was designed to meet the special needs of combat and tactical wheeled vehicles. The system supports 6-22 daytime/thermal cameras with overlapping adjacent fields of view (FOV) that allow camera scenes to be stitched together to create a 360 degrees panoramic view with four independent displays. All variants include the same building blocks and the same software, hence allowing growth potential. The upcoming CV360 variant would feature modified architecture with augmented-reality-based integration of AiTR/AiOA (aided target recognition/ aided obstacle avoidance) capabilities with maximal sensory sharing and minimal latency.


The LV360 system was designed to meet the special needs of Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Security Vehicles. This affordable system supports 6 to 8 daytime or thermal cameras stitched together to create a 360 degrees panoramic view on a single display. The upcoming LV360 variant would feature modified architecture with high-definition cameras, license plate recognition, and AI/ML object recognition capabilities.


The WolffTracker is a small tactical tool that allows operators to track movement behind non-metal doors and walls. The WolffTracker uses Doppler radar to detect movement through barriers. The detection field is roughly teardrop shaped with an angle of about 30 degrees through barriers.

The WolffTracker can be placed on the barrier using standard breachers tape and will flash a blinking light (visible green in regular or invisible IR in IR mode) if there’s any movement detected behind the barrier. The use of multiple sensors mitigates the effect of one sensor being obstructed and allows for tracking of movement behind the barrier.


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