Contract Manufacturing

Strategically located in the Mid-Atlantic I-95 corridor with access to the Department of Defense and Federal-based customers and partners

With over 34 years of experience and close working relationships with U.S. Government customers, OEMs, system integrators, and technology developers, Mistral Inc. is an expert in providing ready, relevant, and reliable solutions to military and law enforcement agencies. We have decades of combined experience across the defense, aviation, marine, automotive, petrochemical, and specialty chemical industries. We offer complex manufacturing, assembly, and testing services.

Mistral operates a 46,000+ square foot ATF secure integration and production facility in Baltimore County as a one stop-shop for R&D program management, manufacturing, and sourcing activities. The facility includes in-house fabrication, assembly, integration, finishing and kitting capabilities; robust supply-chain network for machining, electrical, plastics, castings, forgings, coating, painting, and non-destructive testing capabilities. The woman-owned and small business status of Mistral allows its partners to participate in Department of Defense, Department of State, and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives licensed government procurement opportunities and flexible manufacturing workshare from component sourcing to a full turn-key solution. Mistral Group is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek.


  • Prototyping

  • Build-to-Print

  • Production & assembly

  • Verification testing

  • Non-Destructive testing

Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Heavy metal complex fabrication and assembly

  • Exotic material welding: MiG, Tig, Sub Arc

  • Cutting: CNC plasma cutting and shearing

  • Forming: Heavy duty rollers and press brake

  • Machining: Milling and multi-axis CNC

  • Lifting capabilities of up to 50 tons

  • Custom hydraulic, electrical, automated assembly control systems

  • Mobilization capability including chassis and towable solutions

  •  Custom coating and finishing

  •  MIL standard spare parts; build-to-print, assembly and kitting

Electro-optical & Chemical Labs

  • Custom mil-spec electronic components and sub-assemblies, integration, and testing

  • PLC-driven solutions

  • Design, develop, and manufacture industry relevant chemical solutions and reagents

  • Multiple dispensing techniques (aerosol, ampoule, swipe and drip products)

Parts Management & Warehousing

  • Supply chain expertise

  • Kitting and packing per MIL-STD-2073

  • Marking and etching per MIL-STD-129

  • Domestic and international logistics and shipping

  • Import and export packaging and licensing

  • ITAR compliant

Government R&O Service Center

  • OEM SME certified service center

  • Separate and secure GFE warehousing


  • OEM SME certified service center

  • Separate and secure GFE warehousing

Component Parts

Our Expertise:

  • Solid Rubber Wheels

  • Wear Ring

  • Drive Sprocket Wheels; Sprocket Hubs

  • Idler Wheels

  • Track Shoe & Pad Assembly

  • Customized Rubber & Metal Parts

  • Rubber Compounds

  • O-Rings & Cords

  • Seals (Plain Encased) & Oil Seals

  • Bearings

  • Engine Radiators

We understand the customer’s needs and work hard to provide a wide range of value-added services:

  • Evaluation and recommendations of production processes that support the business objectives of each customer

  • Technological improvements for customers’ products – we study existing products together with the customer and suggest improvements and enhancements to extend the product’s shelf-life, reduce wear and increase resistance

  • Preparation of specifications for optimum products that comply with international standards and best practices

  • In-depth understanding of the operation of the end equipment enables us to design, together with the customer, cost-effective production processes from the drawing board to completion

  • Hands-on expertise and vast knowledge in the field enable our engineers to contribute original and innovative ideas that satisfy virtually any customer’s need

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