Underwater Communications and Navigation

C-Master MK II

The C-Master MK II provides the latest in underwater navigation and communication. The system is a neutrally buoyant, self-contained, hand-held diver navigation system specifically designed to meet the needs of both EOD and combat divers. The C-Master MK II can integrate multiple sensors onto one common platform to complete a variety of missions. The three external interfaces provide divers with the ability to hot-swap such attachments as SONAR, Doppler Velocity Log, floating GPS and camera systems without having to surface; accomplished through our wet-mateable connection system.

The attachment of the ORCA communication device is a force multiplier for the diver. The ORCA uses a low probability of intercept (LPI) transmission that allows up to 15 divers to communicate via text message. No more unnecessary clicks or taps that may betray your position. The ORCA can transmit pre-programmed text messages or allow the diver to type in new orders on the fly. The LPI transmission can transmit to one diver or the entire team out to 3000 meters. Additionally, the ORCA provides the C-Master MK II with a Blue Force tracking capability that automatically updates the position of every diver.


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