Blast Management

Our solutions have been in use for over 30 years by Public Safety and Defense users worldwide and are manufactured exclusively at our facility outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Security planners, Public Safety teams and the Armed Forces use our products to mitigate or fully contain the effects of explosive devices both intentional and sympathetically detonated. We are the world leader in semi-confined and fully-confined explosive containment equipment and offer products to meet any and all of your mission and safety requirements.

Single Vent Systems

We offer an array of single vent and semi-confined systems to mitigate the effects of an explosion and significantly reduce the spread of fragmentation. Single vent systems offer the user ease of access for top loading and unloading, as well as protection against horizontal frag.

Blast Containment Receptacles (BCR’s)

Why a BCR Trash can?

  • Trash cans are an ideal location for the placement of explosive devices as they are easily concealed inside. Public venue trash cans commonly placed in high target areas present the risk of becoming fragmenting objects if an internal detonation were to occur. Our design provides 360° lateral protection by confining the blast effects of multiple threat levels of explosives.

  • Mistral produces over 90% of the blast resistant trash receptacles (BRTR) in the world and is the only manufacturer to obtain the Department of Defense Homeland Security; Safety Act Designation and Certification. Our trash cans have also been certified by ASTM and tested to the new E2710 and E2639 standards.


We manufacture a line of scalable and modular open top explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) transport vessels. These systems are commonly used by EOD technicians for the transportation of suspicious devices and unexploded munitions. The SVS systems come equipped with a 360° articulating crane arm capable of loading and unloading packages with varying dimensions and weights.

Storage Vessels

Our line of explosive storage vessels offer a convenient and cost effective solution for an in-house storage location of explosives and small caliber ammunition. Several of our vessels have been approved by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB). We pride ourselves on offering the widest blast capacity for any of your storage needs, our off-the-shelf storage products range from 30 grams up to 45kg of Net Explosive Weight (N.E.W.).

large storage vessels

Our line of large fully-confined explosive storage vessels are rated to contain the explosive effect of 5kg to 45kg TNT equivalent depending on the model, with industry leading minimum standoff distances. These vessels are ideal for:

  • Police EOD and Special Forces for storing explosives in populated areas

  • Laboratories, for sorting pyrotechnical components

  • Military units located in urban areas

  • Storage of explosive waste

  • Removing the need for off-site storage

  • Storage of large suspicious objects in a variety of checkpoint operations

Small Storage Vessels

Our line of small fully-confined explosive storage vessels are rated to contain the explosive effects of smaller quantities of TNT equivalent depending on the model, with industry leading design and function. Along with the rest of our products, these vessels may be configured and equipped with additional accessories to meet every mission requirement you may face.


Custom Storage

Our in-house engineering capabilities afford you the opportunity to work with us to develop specialty chambers and vessels to suit your needs. We have developed research chambers which enable you to intentionally detonate explosives multiple times inside of your facility, containers for lithium-ion batteries, blast shelters, and fully customized vehicles equipped with containment vessels.

Total Containment Vessels (TCV's)

Our line of TCV’s offer users peace of mind when transporting and containing a chemical or biological explosive device. With containment ratings ranging from 6kg to 9kg TNT, our system allows for repeated detonations with a gas-tight seal ensuring none of the harmful contaminants inside of the vessel are exposed to the outside environment.

Both models have been tested extensively with live explosives and are approved by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB).


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