Tactical Tools

We offer a selection of tactical tools to assist you in your mission developed for EOD, SWAT, HRT, and crowd control operations.

Blast Ring

The TacFab Blast Ring is a vital piece of equipment for IED render safe procedures where blast and frag mitigation is paramount due to large public areas or sensitive structures.

A bomb technician can easily place the ring over a suspect item and disrupt the suspected device from inside the ring or from the outside utilizing the disruptor port. In the event of a detonation, blast pressure will be directed up and away from the seat and prevent the spread of horizontal fragmentation.

Through field testing, our users have noticed that the blast ring greatly increases the ease of post blast evidence collection and confines the majority of fragmentation within the ring or within feet of the ring’s outer wall.



The EOD Blue Claw Crab is a critical tool for first responders, Military and Law Enforcement. The tool allows to safely rig intro straps, webbing, or rope without the possibility of detachment or unintentional line severing, this superior maritime snag free cutter provides additional premature line cutting safety features for its operators. There is no comparable tool of its quality and effectiveness on the market.

  • Designed for Maritime or Terrestrial Use

  • Dual replaceable Cutting Blades

  • Premature Line Cutting prevention Safety Band Feature

  • External locking Pivot Arm

  • Blade locking Bracket

  • Multiple Attachment Points

  • The safest Line cutting tool on the market for Underwater IED Render safe and separation procedures


Skunk is a water based, 100% non-lethal vile smelling liquid. The stench of Skunk immediately causes individuals and crowds to cease their activities while allowing Law Enforcement to gain control with minimum injuries and casualties.

Skunk is available in various delivery systems and multiple sizes of cannisters, jugs and barrels.


The WolffTracker is a small tactical tool that allows operators to track movement behind non-metal doors and walls. The WolffTracker uses Doppler radar to detect movement through barriers. The detection field is roughly teardrop shaped with an angle of about 30 degrees through barriers.

The WolffTracker can be placed on a barrier using standard breachers tape and will flash a blinking light (visible green in regular or invisible IR in IR mode) if there’s any movement detected behind a barrier. The use of multiple sensors mitigates the effect of one sensor being obstructed and allows for tracking of movement behind the barrier.


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