Robotic Toolkits - VBIED

The Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) Toolkit is a standardized toolkit that is meant for adaptation to larger robots operated by bomb squads. The VBIED Toolkit consists of multi-purpose, dependable and reusable tools which can easily be operated and manipulated with a standard bomb disposal robotic platform. These tools address commonly encountered obstacles and allows deployment of bomb squad robots down-range to engage explosive and vehicle borne IED threats.

VBIED Toolkit Components:
  • Extender Kit
  • Extended Gripper Kit
  • Electrical Vehicle Lift Jack Kit
  • Power Toolkit
  • X-Ray Toolkit
  • Grip hard to reach products
  • Reach difficult locations inside or under the vehicle
  • Task tool case including: window punch and door opener, rake and hoe, dividing knife, stab
  • Observe and control with a miniature camera
  • Elevate vehicle to identify what is underneath
  • Remote x-ray examination of the vehicle, cargo and objects of interest
  • Pry open doors and compartments
  • Cut metal profiles and chains

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