Explosive Storage Vessels (Golans)

Mistral Security, Inc.’s Golan series provides full protection against blast and fragmentation and its patented design is proven to safely contain, store, transport and protect explosives. The Golan 45 is the only vessel in the world that is approved by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB) for storage of up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) of Net Explosive Weight (NEW) and safety distance of 6ft IBD. The Golan 45 was tested with 125 lbs. of NEW and can be used for that purpose when DDESB approval is not required.   

Storage Vessel Options:
  • Golan 0.03
  • Golan 3
  • Golan 10
  • Golan 15
  • Golan 45
  • Shortest safety distance approved in the industry
  • IBD and PTR no more than six feet
  • DDESB-Approved product

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