Blast Containment Receptacles (BCRs)

Mistral Security’s BCRs can be found in airports, bus and train stations as well as high-traffic tourist areas worldwide. BCRs provide 360° lateral protection against fragmentation and blast pressure and are utilized as a regular trash can in public areas.

BCR Options:
  • BCR 0.5
  • BCR L1
  • BCR L2
  • BCR L3
  • BCR L4
  • BCR L5
  • ProtecTable
  • Protects against multiple threat levels of explosives
  • An ideal counter-terrorism security device for venues that draw large public gatherings that may become a soft target for terrorist activities
  • BCRs meet the new ASTM standards (E2740, E2639)
  • Safety Act-Approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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