Hydraulic Breaching Tool Kit

Mistral Security, Inc. offers an Electro Hydraulic Breaching kit; a unique low-weight hydraulic rescue tool kit designed and built to meet the requirements of SWAT and Rescue team communities. The tools are kitted to satisfy all the urban breaching requirements of the military, police and public safety rescue teams.  The kit includes a unique electro hydraulic pump; lower in weight and dimensions, which provides all the hydraulic pressure needed for the rescue tools. The electro hydraulic pump can operate one or two tools and is packaged in only one backpack to enable portability and fast response when these are needed.

The electro hydraulic tool kit is extremely powerful, but quiet, providing speedy entry to any doorway, while maintaining the element of surprise. The Mistral’s breaching kit has been in operation with elite military and police teams worldwide.

For specific pressure supply and lifting force, please request a brochure or call 301-913-9366.

Toolkit Components:
  • Door Breaker
  • Spreader
  • Cutter
  • Jimmy Bar
Markets Served:
  • SWAT
  • Rescue Teams
  • Homeland Security

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