Our Products

As leaders in our field, we have the solutions to meet the ever-growing gaps of the market. From explosive detection products to underwater communication technologies, we support our end-users with products they can trust and continually rely on to complete their mission.

Product Categories
Drug Detection and Identification Field Test Kits

Mistral Security, Inc.’s Drug Detection and Identification products provide not only the capability to identify an illicit substance, but also ‘detect’ residues that cannot be seen.

Forensic Products

Mistral Security, Inc.’s forensic and visualization aerosol products are designed for crime scene investigative units and other organizations. Several of the products visualize fingerprints under difficult or unusual circumstances; other products visualize iron metal traces on hands; or visualize markings on hands left by an invisible aerosol marking system; or allow the end-user to see the contents inside unopened envelopes.

Explosive Detection and Identification Kits

Mistral Security's Explosive Detection and Identification products are world leaders in presumptive field tests for explosive substances or trace residues.

Blast Management Systems

Mistral Security is a world leader in blast containment technologies. We design and manufacture products ranging from semi-confined blast containment trash receptacles to fully confined blast containment vessels that can withstand explosive threats.

Tactical Equipment

Mistral Security offers a line of tactical equipment that is relevant for law enforcement and first responders for life safety, search and rescue and emergency preparedness.

Underwater Communication and Navigation

Mistral Security’s Drug Detection and Identification products provide not only the capability to identify an illicit substance, but also ‘detect’ residues that cannot be seen.

Water Generation

Committed to delivering pure, fresh, drinking water solutions through a variety of robust and innovative products which are easily transportable, meet user requirements and standards, and most importantly, create a secured drinking water source.

Crowd Control - Skunk

Mistral Security, Inc. provides “Skunk”, a Non-Lethal malodorant for use in dispersing unruly crowds, and quelling disturbances where the use of Less-Lethal technologies or irritants may be an issue.

Robotic Toolkits - VBIED

The Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) Toolkit is a standardized toolkit that is meant for adaptation to larger robots operated by bomb squads.

Other Services

As part of our other services, Mistral Security, Inc. offers Security Threat and Vulnerability Surveys (assessments); Blast Analysis as part of facility/infrastructure protection; Product Training and Product Maintenance Services as part of MSI’s commitment to the quality of its products and buyer satisfaction.

Product Service and Repair Center

Mistral Security maintains a well-equipped service center at its Bethesda, Maryland location. We provide after sales warranty and post-warranty product service and repair for all of the products that we sell.