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Mistral Security Partners with Bounce Imaging

Mar 07 2017

Mistral Security is proud to announce a new partnership with Bounce Imaging! The Bounce Imaging Explorer provides endless applications for law enforcement and military personnel in multiple scenarios, giving the user real-time live omnidirectional video and recording capabilities.

The Explorer is extremely easy to use and works with any iOS or Android device. Multiple users can view in multiple directions at the same time, and video is continuously recorded in all directions so you never miss crucial information. Ask about the Explorer's optional cloud service for longer operational range and secure data storage.

Former Eyeball R1 users will appreciate that the device is rugged enough to be thrown through a window, deployed on a pole as a 360-degree polecam, or lowered on a tether for stairwell clearing or search and rescue.

If you are interested in more information on the Bounce Imaging Explorer, please contact Mistral Security at

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