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Know Before You Go: The VBIED Tool Kit

Feb 24 2014


In late 2011, the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB) identified Vehicle Borne IEDs (VBIEDs) as the number one threat facing public safety bomb squads. As a response to this, the Counter Terrorism Technology Support Office (CTTSO) developed the VBIED Tool Kit. This Tool Kit addresses the requirements of bomb squads to effectively gain access into a suspect vehicle's passenger compartment, trunk, engine compartment or cargo bay, either by cutting metal profiles or locks, breaking windows or unlocking or prying open doors and latches.

Not all kits are created equal, CTTSO has licensed Mistral Security, Inc. to manufacture, market, sell and service the VBIED Tool Kit. An assembly of five kits, each one is designed for specific VBIED Render Safe procedures, including:

1. Extender Tool Kit - Enables access and reach to difficult locations within the interior and underside of the vehicle. Some of the extender tools incorporate Picatinny rail to enable connection of specific task tools.

2. Extended Gripper Kit - Enables operations within small confined spaces by distancing the robot's wider arm from the space entrance. The extended gripper contains a miniature camera to enable observation and control within the confined work space.

3. Electrical Vehicle Lift Jack Kit - Enables an operator to safely view and examine the underside of a vehicle and provides space to enable robotic removal or neutralization of an IED. The development of the electric lift jack is based on a standard van vehicle jack, and includes mechanical and electrical modifications to enable swift elevation of the vehicle.

4. Power Tool Kit - Assist in prying open doors and compartments, and cutting metal profiles and chains.

5. X-Ray Tool Kit - Allows remote X-ray examination of the vehicle, cargo, and objects of interest. The X-ray picture is presented on the operator's robot display screen. The X-Ray Tool Kit enables multiple X-ray shots, examination of objects placed high or in difficult to reach locations in the vehicle.

On March 19, Mistral Security, Inc. will officially launch the VBIED Tool Kit. To celebrate this launch, MSI will host a Demonstration Day at its manufacturing plant for bomb squads to test out the new kits. If you are interested in attending the Demonstration Day, please email securitysales@mistralgroup.com.

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