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Get to Know MSI Drug Detection and Identification Products

Feb 07 2014

MSI’s drug detection and identification products – PDT, Aerosols and PenTests – provide law enforcement agencies with the fastest and easiest to use products on the market. Upon each test, while in the field or the lab, operators are provided with a series of color reactions (indicators) to help them determine if a drug is positive or suspect material.


Quick Facts About Drug Detection and Identification 

1. PDT covers all drug types  – more than any other manufacturer combined.

2. Aerosols are the fastest presumptive drug tests on the market, do not destroy the substances tested and can detect trace residues that other tests cannot.

3. PenTests are the easiest to carry in the field; can be used for more than a single test.


1. PDT is a new drug detection and identification product and so far feedback has been positive from clients. One lab technician has noted: “I love the color reactions which seem to be much more pronounced than other products even though they use the same reagents.”

2. Those that have made the aerosols their test of choice for drug detection and identification are strong supporters of these products. “When I left the State Police, and went to work for ICE, I took my D4D Aerosol Kit with me because it works in situations that other products cannot work: e.g., when I put a test paper next to a tire valve and released the air and got a strong test reaction to marijuana hidden inside the tire.”

3. PenTests are relatively new to the market. They have been successful as detection tools in the home for parents; as easily carried tests in the field by law enforcement; and as investigative tests for trace detection in the field.

1. For PDT, simply open pouch, place a small quantity of substance in pouch, close, break ampoules in prescribed order and read the results.

2. With Aerosols, operators collect sample with test paper provided, spray paper and read paper.

3. For PenTests, open the package, collect sample with test paper, drop liquid onto paper and read results.

Other Fast Facts:

In a short period of time since its launch, PDT has already been selected by Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) as a field test for the Agency’s regional offices.

Aerosol drug products have been selected by the Bureau of Land Management’s K-9 teams as their drug test of choice because of its ability to confirm canine alerts when a substance cannot be found by the naked eye.

PenTests have become a leading presumptive drug test product bought by parents and security agencies because it does not contain dangerous acids or chemicals, and because it is so easy and fast to use.

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