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Tactical Surveillance Systems for SWAT and Response Teams

Jan 31 2014

Real time situational awareness technology is rapidly improving the continued success of SWAT and rapid response teams by providing accurate sound and vision data points. Mistral Security, Inc. works closely with both military and Law Enforcement in order to provide technology that improves the mission and saves lives. As a winner of “Most Innovative Product of the Year” by the U.S. Police Force, Mistral shares its four tactical surveillance systems ideally suited for end-users who are confronted with unknown situations and need solutions for rapid deployment and real-time intelligence.

1.    EyeBallTM – Slightly larger than a baseball, the EyeBallTM is a 360° audio/visual Tactical surveillance sensor. It is designed for counter-terrorism and Law Enforcement operations, reducing the danger associated with information-gathering in hazardous and confined spaces. The self-righting sensor is rugged enough to “throw” or “roll” with landings in rough terrain, concrete, piles of debris or through windows. Night illumination allows the EyeBallTM to operate at night or in darkened areas.

2.    EyeDriveTM – A Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV), the EyeDriveTM is an observation and surveillance remote-controlled, lightweight mini-robot that provides continuous real-time 360° audio and video surveillance. It is specially designed for front-line personnel engaged in urban warfare and anti-terror, police and, search and rescue activities. Unique Point 'n Go navigation directs the robot to any location by touching the location on the panoramic view on the control unit; since no joystick is required, the operator is able to focus on the mission, rather than on driving the robot.

3.    ODR LVTM – This System provides a 360° real-time panoramic view, while the end-user remains safe and secured inside the vehicle. Providing Omni-directional images of the vehicle’s surroundings, the ODR LVTM is specially designed for the roof of light vehicles engaged in Law Enforcement, anti-terror, VIP protection, undercover, and search and rescue operations. The system includes two external imaging arrays with three perimeter cameras each, Control and Display unit, and an optional Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera with NIR illumination.

4.    ODR HVTM Tanks and armored vehicles engaged in urban warfare, anti-terror and rescue activities can identify and isolate the item they are looking for with the ODR HVTM. An all-weather ruggedized MIL STD 810 system; the ODR HVTM can be installed on a large variety of platforms, with seamless integration into existing Battlefield Management Systems. Operations can be recorded and debriefed in the various system modes (e.g. Situational Awareness, Driver Vision Enhancement and Mission Enhancement).

For more information about Mistral's tactical sensor products, click here or contact securitysales@mistralgroup.com.

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